5 Outdoor Activities in Guanacaste

Whether you live in Costa Rica full time or just visiting on vacation you will definitely find yourself spending a lot of time outside. With Guanacaste being a tropical dry rain forest climate almost every day is sunny, so I decided that today I would go through some of the top outdoor activities that everyone can do.

Horse Back Riding

No matter if you are an expert equestrian looking for a long ride through the mountains of Guanacaste or a beginner looking for a short gallop on the beach, there is a tour here that will fit your exact needs.  And while you may not associate Costa Rica and cowboys, they actually go hand in hand. Tico’s take a lot of pride is their horses and the art of riding. It is not uncommon to see a young cowboy or girl in the country side practicing their dressage for an upcoming parade or rodeo.

Costa Rican Homes for Sale- Click HereWith tours available year around, one of our favorite stables and tour providers is the Haras Del Mar “the Riding Club.” They are also known for their hi-standards when it comes to care for their hoses making them the perfect location for all of you riding needs.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

One of the newest trends through beach communities all over the world is stand up paddle boarding, known to most as SUP.  SUP has grown in popularity because it offers people a unique view of the coast line, a great work out, a fun day in the ocean and most importantly can be picked up by almost anybody in about 30 minutes. You can stand and paddle, row from your knees or even sit and maneuver the board like a kayak, not matter which you choose you are in for a great day on the water.

If this sounds like an adventure for you, we recommend trying Star Paddle in Playa Hermosa.



Sailing Tour

If a day of relaxing is more of what you are looking for, what better way to is there to do nothing than floating from beach to beach all while enjoying a cold beverage. Most of the sailing tours will offer both morning to afternoon and evening sunset tours, on which you will be able to go snorkeling and see some of the area’s most beautiful beaches. Some of which are only accessible by boat, making for the perfect adventure. There are a lot of choices when it comes to boat tours, you can hire a boat, take a sail boat, hop on a booz cruise or our personal favorite, spend the day of a luxury catamaran.

One of our favorite boat tours is the Marlin  del Rey, which offers tours year around and provide complementary (all you can eat/drink) snacks and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).


Zip-Lining (Canopy Tour)

Fun for the entire family, zip-lining has become a must do for anybody spending time in Costa Rica. What better way is there to see the countries natural beauty than from high in the trees and then flying through the air. When it comes to choosing a tour everybody tends to say the best is the tour that they went on, this because you cannot help but have a good time.

One of our favorites in the Papagayo area is the Congo Trail Canopy Tour. Being located only 25 minutes from Playas del Coco makes it a great choice for a tour that will not take your entire day. I was unable to find their website but you can book through the site linked below.


Massage on the Beach

That’s right, while some are after the adventure others find themselves thinking outside of the box when it comes to outdoor activities. For me nothing beats a great massage that is except for a massage on the beach. With the waves crashing and gentle breeze what could be more relaxing? One of our favorite spots in on the beach for a massage is in Playa Hermosa. Now I do warn that these are not that massage therapists that you will find in high end resort, but for around $30 for an hour you will find yourself in for a pleasant surprise.

Let us know what your favorite outdoor activities are in Playas del Coco.

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