Altos Los Robles Community Joins Forces with Local Groups to Help Save Lives

How much is a human life worth? When it’s a crisis, there is no price too great to save someone you love or care about. The families and organizations in Playas del Coco, Playa Panama and Playa Hermosa know just how that feels and they have joined together to equip local first responders with needed portable defibrillators, CPR training and supplies. Spearheaded by the Guanacaste Veterans Group and aided by Dr. Henzel Larios as well as the residents of the area, several events will help raise the necessary funds.

A Heart Flourishing fundraiser took place this past week in Playa Hermosa, attended by over 200 hundred people. Working at the ticket booth, setting up and pitching in, residents of Altos Los Robles Community JT and Hara Maderich helped the organization raise over $3,000.00 in a single day. Altos Los Robles contributed cash to the event that created a gorgeous Italian food basket and gifts, auctioned for over $100.00. A recent movie showing of “Inside Africa” by Andy Browne at the Embassy Theater in Playa Hermosa raised almost $500.00, an idea suggested by ALR resident Hara Maderich.

Costa Rica boasts one of the best healthcare systems in the Americas and there are well equipped hospitals and clinics throughout the country. The Sudden Cardiac Death Association has prepared a training program throughout the United States and recommends that all local communities have a trained EMT, portable defibrillators like those found on aircraft and begin teaching CPR in high schools and universities. The beach towns surrounding Altos Los Robles and the Papagayo peninsula are undertaking their own program so that permanent residents, “snow birds” and tourists will all have an added measure of safety when visiting this beautiful area for surfing, fishing or enjoying the tropical beauty of the area.

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