Christmas in Costa Rica – from Traditions to Tourists


Christmas in Costa Rica – Traditions and the Locals

Kids celibrating Christmas in Costa RicaChristmas was first celebrated in Costa Rica The governor, Don Vasquez de Coronado organized the festivities and declared it a national holiday in 1601. As in most other Catholic countries the local Costa Rican population (Ticos) love to celebrate the holidays. This is a very popular time for both foreigners and Tico’s that live in the central valley to escape the countries many beautiful beaches.

One of the main attractions are the numerous parades, events and traditions each local beach area may have. Three examples are:

El Carnival – With dancers and musical groups from all over the country show off their best clothes and dances.
El Tope – A Parade of horses, many of which are practicing dressage. Dressage is considered to be one of the highest forms of training a horse can display.
El Destile de Luces – A night time parade made beautiful with thousands of Christmas lights.

Christmas in Costa Rica for the Tourists

Christmas in Costa Rica is considered the high season and room availability can be at a premium. During the Month of December and through January almost all hotels and vacation rentals are at 100% capacity. The reason for this is the areas perfect weather during December make for the perfect beach getaway. Combine that with an incredibly friendly local culture and ever growing expat community Costa Rica rates very highly on the words top vacation destination list.

Look for some great Christmas and New Years Eve dinners being offered around the community, including everything from 5 star dinning to all you can eat turkey buffet with live reggae and rock. No shirt, no shoes, that’s no problem in Costa Rica.
That is what makes Costa Rica so special, from the moment you arrive you will feel like part of a more relaxed way of life. Pura Vida is not just a saying, it is a feeling. A feeling that everyone should enjoy at least once with a Pura Vida Christmas!

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