Costa Rica Food and Best Restaurants

Guest Blog by Neltje Maynez

Types of Costa Rica Food

Rice and Beans

So you are going to Costa Rica? Aren’t you just lucky! Aside from the great place that you are going to vacation at, what about the food that you are going to be eating? True Costa Rica Living means experiencing the delicious food! Food is often the second most important thing when it comes to a vacation. You will remember where you went on your vacation, but you will most always remember what you ate. You will never forget if you ate somewhere questionable or if you had the best dining experience of your life.

Typical food

Costa Rica food is influenced by many cultural factors. The dishes that you should try when you happen upon a local restaurant should be one of these:

  • Verduaras: a vegetable soup with yucca and plantains;
  • Gallo pinto: rice and beans
  • Arroz con pollo: rice and chicken
  • Tamales: pork, beef, or chicken stuffed in corn meal
  • Ojo de came: a vegetable beef soup
  • Refrescas: fresh fruit juice

Where to eat your favorite Costa Rica Food

When dining out in Costa Rica, you should know the lingo about the different types of restaurants you should be on the lookout for.

Sodas: This is often where you can get the best lunch deals. It is a combination of a convenience store and a family-run restaurant. You can often get some of the tastiest local food from these restaurants.

Bocas: This a tradition that you shouldn’t miss out on. These are bar-style restaurants that give you small snacks when you get a drink. Often, you will pay around $.15 USD per little snack (boca).

Tipico: These are the higher level restaurants that you would want to go to for dinner. They are sit down restaurants and are nicer than bocas.

Costa Rica Restaraunts

Here are the top 5 restaurants you don’t want to miss:

Tin Jo. This restaurant is in San Jose. It is Asian style food that is just to die for. It is a great restaurant that is clean and has a good atmosphere.

Club del Vino. This restaurant is in Excazu. If you are one that loves wine, this is a place that you just cannot miss. They have a great selection of wines, and many other wonderful dishes.
Kiantis. This is located in San Antonio de Belen. It is a more local favorite. They have great prices, and you can’t go wrong with a restaurant that the locals love to frequent.
Cafe Mundo. This is in San Jose. This is a great restaurant that can often be hard to get a table because it is so good! There are tons of local dishes, and it’s a great place to go with your family and friends.
Miss Helena’s Soda. This place is in Puerto Viejo. This is a quant little soda that serves food that the local love. The best part is that it is made by one sweet little lady, Miss Helena. Her food is to die for!


Costa Rica Food is so Good, why leave?

Once you’ve experienced the food in Costa Rica, then you still have all the fun things to do.  After that, it’s time to consider living in Costa Rica.  The Costa Rica cost of living is extraordinarily affordable and we have plenty of homes for sale in Costa Rica here at Costa Rican Estates.

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