Costa Rica Retirement: Golfing Paradise

Guest Post By: David Showell

Things to look for in your ideal retirement setting

 Perfect Golfing Weather

If you were searching for the ideal environment to play golf, the chances are you’d be looking to tick several boxes before deciding on a particular place. First and foremost, you’d want to be playing under blue skies and a warm climate, because there’s nothing more pleasant than teeing off with the sun on your back.

Challenging Golf Terrain

A gently uneven terrain would be an advantage as well, because it would add to the aesthetic quality of the course. Then, you can add in plenty of stunning scenery as a backdrop, because it’s always nice to have a little wow factor along the way. And last but not least you’d have friendly and helpful staff members to make the day complete.

Papagoya Bay Golf Course
For these reasons and a whole host more, Costa Rica is fast becoming a must-visit for golfers from all over the world. When choosing Costa Rica golf, there are several courses ranging from inland tracks to seaside locations with stunning views of the ocean on several holes.

Costa Rica weather is great!

Costa Rica enjoys warm sunshine and high temperatures throughout the year, and in the dry season it provides the perfect golfing weather. Because the country has several different elevations, every region could have its own micro-climate, so it pays to do a little homework before making any bookings.
In recent years, the development of golfing facilities in Costa Rica has led to an increase in interest and of course in golfing tourism. Several courses have been created by some of the best known designers from the USA and elsewhere, with many of them of the highest championship standard.

The golf community continues to thrive here because of of the property for sale in Costa Rica. Costa Rica cost of living in inexpensive and the government making it easy for foreign investors (US and Canada) to acquire an extremely well priced luxury home in Costa Rica.

Golf is for everyone

It’s worth remembering, however, that golf is a game for all standards, so if you’re a beginner or perhaps just an occasional player you will find plenty of courses that are happy to welcome you. It’s all part of Costa Rica Living; if you live here and suddenly get the urge to enjoy a casual eighteen holes.
The climate in Costa Rica is described as tropical, so at certain times the rain can be heavy. While this isn’t ideal for golf, of course, it does mean that the fairways on most courses remain beautifully lush throughout the year. The grass tends to help the ball sit up nicely, inviting the player to swing with confidence.
At the higher standard courses, the greens are slick and extremely fast, so you need to be careful to avoid over-hitting the ball. As always, it makes sense to arrive a little early to spend ten or fifteen minutes on the practice green first. Once you get used to the pace of the putting surfaces, with a little luck you’ll be making a few birdies.
Golfers all over the world know that the quality of the golf course counts for nothing if the clubhouse facilities aren’t able to match it. Thankfully, there is a warm welcome awaiting every visitor, along with a selection of delicious meals and a wide range of hot and cold drinks. As you might expect from a country that is so blessed by nature, fresh fruit and vegetables play an important part in the local cuisine.

David Showell lives in the south of England and enjoys playing golf around the world. When he’s not wandering the fairways he’s working for

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