Enjoying Playas del Coco

Holidays are the best of leisure time that you can spend with family and close friends with utmost relaxation. Considering the presence of innumerable beautiful locations across the globe, it is hard to take a decision on the choice of the location in the absence of availability of sufficient information on various aspects such as the list of hotels, direction details, transportation system etc. If you enjoy the serenity of the seaside locations and wish to explore the treasure of ecstatic beauty of nature then Playas del Coco can be your next tour destination.

Those who are fond of shopping and look for top-notch brands can take a small trip to the Liberia where you can find the products of your choice. This is the capital city of the Guanacaste Province and is about 20 miles away from Playas del Coco. The visitors from foreign nationals will have to drop in at the International Airport of Liberia and then take a ride of about half an hour by taxi, bus or other means of transportation to reach the place. This place of visit is one of the finest Costa Rican tourist spots that provide you to enjoy water adventure sports get a breath of freshness amid the laps of the nature, relish the mouthwatering and aromatic sea food, alongside a series of attractions that will make your holiday the most memorable experience of the lifetime.

Sightseeing and Tourist Attractions at Playas del Coco

The enchanting scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean, the view of the mountainous regions of Guanacaste, the Coco beach, will simply leave you mesmerized during the entire time period of your trip. The region is perfect for the sports lovers. Take a visit to the golf course or get along with thousands of other tourists into the sea surf and indulge in activities such as jet skiing, kayak racing, diving, rafting in the deep sea with maximum current, and much more. The Eco diversity of the region is also noteworthy and if you are inclined to ornithology then you just can’t afford to miss to study the birds in the region.

Relaxation and Leisure

After a long hectic life take a break from the boredom and tiredness by taking out some time for a sun bathe on the beaches. This place is quite close to the location of the inland volcano. You can also visit the hot springs that are high in mineral content. Taking a bath or a simple footbath can relax the muscles especially those who are suffering from chronic pain or blood clotting problems. This sort of natural therapy provides a positive impact without sacrificing the fun of traveling. If you are fond of viewing aquatic life of the sea then you can find coral reefs, turtles, parrotfish, octopus, horse fishes etc. under the water near the beaches.

During the daytime you can take a cozy ride on horseback along the shores of the Pacific Ocean at the same time glancing to the far sight where the sea meets the sky. The boat ride is very famous and there is arrangement for Costa Rican cuisine while on board. Take a cruise and visit the other nearby beaches that fall on the route of the sea voyage. If you start during the late afternoon then you can experience the view of the sunset that changes the complete view of the sky.

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