Hospitals in Costa Rica

For those of you interested in learning more about Hospitals in Costa Rica this is the place for you.

Most people know that the country of Costa Rica has socialized medicine, which offers medical services to both citizens and tourists for an affordable regulated price. What most people don’t realize is that Costa Rica also offers and extensive private hospital system offering the best of both worlds and a solution for all people.

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS or CAJA)-

 To many foreigners the public hospitals seem disorganized and crowded, but with an longer average life expectancy that the USA it is clear that the Costa Rica medical system is doing something right.

The major obstacle that most foreigners will have to over come is the language barrier at the CCSS public hospitals. While pointing can be effective it will only get you so far. A good bit of advice is to learn the spanish names of the major body parts.

In Costa RIca there are 29 CAJA hospitals and over 250 clinics so in a country of 4 million there is always a hospital in close proximity to you if needed.

Private Hospitals in Costa Rica –

In Costa Rica there are 5 private hospitals, but in this post we will focus on the three most popular; Cima hospital, Clinica Catolica and Clinica Biblica.

CIMA Hospitals : The Cima hospitals are located 15 west of San Jose and they have just opened a new facility in Guanacaste 30 minutes out side of Playas del Coco.

Cima tens to be very popular with both expats and tourists as it known for its excellent service and doctors. The fact that CIMA hospitals have a the look and feel of a US hospital and that english is much more common amongst doctors and nurses probably plays a part in there popularity also.

Clinica Catolica: This hospital is in Guadalupe, San Jose, Costa RIca. The Clinica Catolica is known for it’s friendly staff and while it does not have the look and feel of CIMA many expats take the friendly nature of the nurses and Doctors here as their first choice.

Clinica Biblica: Locate in down town San Jose this hospital can be very difficult to reach if you relatively close in the time of an emergency. And while it has an excellent reputation I know several people that all have has mixed reviews of Biblica. One of the complaints is that people have had their cards charged before admittance for upwards of $1,000, with is not the case at the other private facilities.

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