Playa Ocotal – Guancaste Costa Rica

Situated in the Gaunacaste province near the northern coastline of the Pacific Ocean Playa Ocotal is famous for it stunning tranquil beaches located all along the coast. It is a paradise on earth. With pristine black sands and swaying trees that abound the coastline Playa Ocotal is admired by all travels for its breathtaking sunsets and endless summer days which makes it an ideal retreat for all tired souls.

This wonderland by the sea is also famous for its tropical dry forest, which abounds this land. Playa Ocotal is in fact also a natural sanctuary for beautiful birds and awesome wild life that one may come across while visiting this land.

Playa Ocotal is a place that you often see in your dreams. It is a wonderful destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is also a popular sea resort which brings the charm of sailing, sport fishing and horse back riding which are few of the popular activities that you may enjoy while visiting Playa Ocotal in Costa Rica.

This sea side township is also an ideal place for enjoying the famous Costa Rican nightlife. At Playas del Coco, which is the largest village in the province of Guanacaste, located very close to Playa Ocotal, one can find numerous bars, pubs, budget and luxury hotels, discotheques, casinos and all other kind of extreme entertainments those that often find their ways into the wanderlust’s mind. While travelling through Playa Ocotal one can also visit the exotic beaches of Palaya Conchal, which is unique seashore that is made up of a multitude of crushed sea shells.

As a visitor travelling from Playa Ocotal one can also obtain a day pass to access the world class golf courses located at Playa Conchal, and use the golfing resorts grounds to fulfill their sporting fantasizes.

Father Roosters Playa Ocotal Guanacaste Costa Rica

Father Rooster – Playa Ocotoal

Once visiting this remarkable seaside at Guanacaste in Costa Rica, one can avail various forms of accommodation facilities that one can easily seek and find once their reach their desired destination. However if as a traveler one is unable to find a suitable economic staying option at Playa Ocotal one can always travel down to the nearby township of Playa Coco which is also another famous travel spot for all budget travelers visiting this land.

One great advantage that most of the travelers find while visiting the Guanacaste beaches and also while visiting Playa Ocotal is its close proximity to the Liberia international Airport. This helps in facilitating an easy access to various locations all around the globe.

Of late according to a recent 2012 survey, it has been found the Costa Rica is increasingly becoming a popular destination for a plethora of real-estate investors from all across the globe. With low cost of living, advanced healthcare facilities, exquisite maritime climate places like Playa Ocotal in the Guanacaste province is a place which can pique your interest as an ideal retirement destination.

With its “melting pot effect” of Mountains, Rainforest, Volcanoes and Beaches in Costa Rica the total foreign investments those that are presently happening in his land has reached USD 0.866 Billion , which is more than 40% growth compared to what it was in 2012.

So whether you are a real estate investor or just a traveler, Playa Ocotal is sure to make you feel that you are spending another beautiful day in Paradise.

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