Samsung Giving Back to Costa Rica’s Schools

20140724_110324It is no secret to most that Costa Rica’s central valley is known as one of the leading technology manufacturers in Central America and has been home to companies like Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Microsoft Corp. With more companies than ever looking at Costa Rica as there Central American base of operations there is has been in a push in the schools to properly educate students on the latest in technology. One of the companies helping to make sure every child in Costa Rica has a shot in technical industry is Samsung who has launched 4 classrooms as part if the Smart School initiative.

This program allows students and faculty firsthand technological tools and training to learn, teach and share in a more interactive way.0 The program includes one on one teacher training, teacher and student performance monitoring, installation and maintenance of digital classrooms supplies in participating schools.

“We are very pleased with the results obtained with the implementation of the Smart School project in Costa Rica. With the implementation in these two new centers, Samsung continues strengthening itself as company responsible and committed to educational programs that seek to transform the lives of young students from our country.”, said Silvia Cuevas, Manager of CSR at Samsung Electronics Latin America.

There is no question that Samsung is not only using this as an opportunity to spread its brand to the Costa Rican youth but all obvious marketing gimmicks aside this Samsung Smart School program in Costa Rica is a huge win for everyone involved. With brands like Starbucks, Dairy Queen and Chucky Cheese all expanding their reach into the Costa Rican market share, it is no question that Costa Rica’s stable and expanding economy will lead to more large business making their presence known in one of the world’s highest regarded vacation paradises.

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