Top 5 Waterfalls in Costa Rica

With so many natural wonders it is no surprise that people travel the world over to visit the most bio-divers country on earth, Costa Rica. While most will end up at the beach or the countries many inland rain forests, one thing that any visitor should take advantage while on holiday is Costa Rica’s many natural waterfalls. Here is a list of our must see, top 5 waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Top 5 Waterfalls in Costa Rica

bookpic2.jpg.opt438x728o0,0s438x7285. Savegre Waterfall

Located near the Los Quetzales National Park and San Gerardo de Dota, the Savegre Waterfall stands almost 100 feet tall and is truly an impressive site to behold. As with may of the waterfalls on this list, just getting there is part of the adventure. You will be hiking through an incredible cloud forest and crossing breath taking suspension bridges. If you are into bird watching, this is definitely a trip for you!


costa_rica4. La Fortuna Waterfall

Located in the La Fortune area and just three miles from downtown Arenal, this 230 foot waterfall is one of the areas popular tourist destinations. Tour operators offer hikes, mountain biking and horseback riding as several options for reaching the La Fortune Waterfall. Once you are there make sure to take a dip into the cold water at the bottom of the falls, just becarefull not to swim under the falls themselves. Water falling from 230 feet be much more powerful than it looks.


waterfall-costa-rica3. El Chorro Waterfall

Located several miles from Montezuma, near Playa Cocolito and its stunning white sand beaches the El Chorro Waterfall is the last stop for the waters flowing from the mountains to the Pacific ocean. What makes El Chorro so special in the multiple pools of warm lagoon waters that have been carved from stone by years of flowing water, the perfect location for a breath taking swim. The hike to this remote can take 3-4 hours on average but can be done on horseback in just an hour, making it the preferred form of travel by most tour operators taking visitors to the El Chorro Waterfall. If you are looking for wildlife, El Chorro will not let you down but I would recommend making the trip in the morning as there tends to be much more wildlife visible in the early part of the day.


nauyaca-waterfall-costarica2. Nauyaca Waterfalls

Located near the Pacific coast town of Deminical, the Nauyaca Waterfalls have formed in a secluded canyon and consist of a two tier drop (one of 150 feet and another of 65 feet). The second of the drops (65 feet) is collected in a large pristine pool of water that is perfect for swimming or just relaxing. What makes the Nauyaca Waterfalls especially enticing to many is the ability to dive from large peaks into the pool below, but I must say the jump is not for the timid. The falls are actually located on private property but the owner Don Lulu offers horseback tours allowing visitors to visit the falls.


rio-celeste-small1. Celeste Waterfall

The Celeste Waterfall appears at number one on our list for several reasons, one of which being the falls themselves. What makes the Celeste Waterfall particularly special is the fact that it is located on the famous Rio Celeste which offers tourist a glimpse at one of nature’s true natural wonders. Just below the falls, the water becomes a stunning teal/aqua color that is a site to behold in itself. The source of the color of the water is actually due to a rare combination of minirals that coat the rocks below the water (creating the illusion of the waters color). For those looking for one of Costa Rica’s most stunning attractions, the Celeste Waterfalls will not disappoint. Getting to the falls can be an adventure in itself, with a hike that can 2-3 hours depending on your guide but is well worth the trek!

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