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Buying Property In Costa Rica

To buy a vacation home in Costa Rican Estates requires a $10,000 down payment. A buy/sell agreement must be signed, in English, which is governed under Costa Rican real estate law. Construction will start when the first $70,000 have been paid. There are additional payments of $70,000 each, when the home is at the 50% stage and 80% stage of construction. During construction, the house will be able to be inspected by the owners. Final payment and title passing occurs when the construction is completed. The construction is estimated to take 8 months, from the contract day to the completion of the home.

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Property Financing

With a good personal credit rating, our homes are often financeable with most North American banks. Rates are at record lows currently in North America which can make this an attractive option though normally a minimum of 25% of the purchase price down is required. Local banks, such as Scotiabank Costa Rica also offer financing.

The property developer in some instances may be able to close a financing gap on a low percentage of the purchase price with a short term loan to the buyer. Terms and interest rates are negotiable. Having clear title to the lot and new house is essential for obtaining a loan from any bank, local or international. This is the situation with our homes and provides the security lenders need to make a loan.

Land Titles

Costa Rican Estates is selling homes with lots on its private land. You will receive a fee simple deeded title to your private property. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership in Costa Rica. Stewart Title of Houston, Texas, and other reputable companies offer property title insurance on our properties. This assures that the title chain over the years is correct; the title free and clear of encumbrances, and legally transferred to you personally. Your property in Costa Rica may be owned under your personal name or under a corporate name.

Interested in pre-built homes for sale in costa rica? Contact Us Today!

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