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In general, the Costa Rica cost of living is one-third to one-half less than in most North American communities. Food Costs Food is affordable. Tropical fruits and vegetables are not only at giveaway prices, but deliciously fresh. Costa Rica produces tasty grass-fed beef; a filet mignon in Costa Rica will cost the same as a round steak in the States. Some new residents have reported to spending a third less on their food budget than they did at home, when they consumed locally grown foods. The food costs goes up dramatically when imported products are purchased. The key is to buy local foods and avoid imported goods, which carry heavy import duties.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are low compared to North American standards. Taxes are levied at 0.25% of the value of the house.

Live like Royalty.

Beside affordable housing, utilities, taxes, and food costs, the other bargain that Costa Rica offers is domestic help. A house keeper will clean your house, wash and iron your clothes at a fraction of the cost of back home.

Altos Los Robles
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