Playas del Coco, the oldest beach community in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica has always been great for fishing. Myriad variety of migratory species of fishes comes into the gulf making the entire experience of fishing wonderful and enjoyable. For instance, you can find spectacular species like marlin, sail, dolphin, Yellow fin tuna, Wahoo making this place amazing for fishing. And if fishing is your passion, no other place can get you unforgettable catches like Playas del Coco.

You can book your awe inspiring fishing trips to the gulf of Papagayo and Playa Tamarindo in Playas del Coco. It also serves as the gateway for surfers to reach marvelous places like Witch’s Rock in Naranjo beach and Ollie’s Point in Potrero beach. Its close proximity from the international airport Daniel Oduber and Papagayo, the biggest and most popular tourist town of Costa Rica makes it hit amongst the tourists travelling to Costa Rica. . Apart from enjoying fishing during the day, you can relax at the numerous luxurious hotels at Papagayo.

A short trip at any time of the year to Papagayo would definitely turn out into a memorable getaway. Deep Sea Fishing in Playas del Coco Costa Rica always provides excellent opportunities round the year to catch astonishing species of fish. People from across the world come here to indulge in sport fishing. Some species are prominent in some periods.

Here is an overview of different species found in abundance here:

Sailfish: It can be caught generally at any time of the year but May to August is the peak time to catch them in abundance. These begin to thin out in September and period from late august to November being the least probability months.

Marlin: These can also be caught every month of the year except from mid-November to early March. It slows down a bit in April to early June and the period from August and September being the peak time.

Mahi-Mahi or Dorado: The highest probability of finding these colorful gamesters is most from late May to October. It is this period of the year when debris from the flash floods forms trash lines in the shore. Look under the log floating in the water, you would see Dorado in plenty there.

Tuna: You can catch this wonderful species at any time of the year especially when you want to concentrate on other species. The peak month starts from early august to Late October. If you are interested to catch, the yellowfin and some Bigeye tuna run to Santa Catalina Islands which is hardly 30 minutes from the beach.

Wahoo: You may first spot them when rain starts pouring in may. However the peak months are from July through August. You can catch them easily around rocky points. But don’t lose heart, if luck is in your favor you can occasionally pick one offshore also.

Fishing is indeed a very refreshing and rejuvenating activity. It lets you spend time with yourself in the lap of nature surrounded by serene waters. But remember the most important thing; release the fish you don’t eat to keep the species alive for future.