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Costa Rica has one of the best health systems in Latin America with well-trained doctors, many times with degrees from North America.

Health Care Facilities in Costa Rica

There are several private emergency health care services located nearby. Lifeguard International is located in the town of Sardinal, just 15 minutes away. This company is equipped to cover emergencies and offer ambulance and air ambulance 24 hours a day. Lifeguard also offer services for chronic patients (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), pre-natal care, medical consultation, bilingual doctors and staff, U.S. style clinics (minor surgery labs), air-conditioned facilities, pharmacy discounts and alternative fee structures, including attractive membership packages.

Lifeguard has a relationship established with the Clinca Madre Teresa and San Rafael Arcangel Medical Center, private clincs/hospitals in Liberia and all the major hospitals in San Jose. However, the big advantage of being in Guanacaste is frequent, non stop flights to Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, New York, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Calgary and Toronto, with U.S. insurance or Medicare coverage. For more information click here.

Clinica Biblica has a clinic in Guanacaste, located next to the Do It Center, just 10 minutes away from the property. This branch has a full-time bilingual doctor who has access to some 35 specialities from parent hospital located in San Jose. The clinic also has a laboratory, pharmacy and insurance office. For more information click here.

A Houston, TX based health care facility has recently opened, located just 7 minutes from the property. The clinic offers a complete array of services comparable to U.S. health facilities/hospitals and has agreements with the Veterans Administration and affiliations with the Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas,Texas.

Private health care is inexpensive. Privately operated hospitals offer highly educated physicians and personnel, excellent facilities and multidisciplinary Medical Corps. Medical Tourism in Costa Rica continues to grow and the country continues to provide some of the best service in the world. The Medical Tourism industry in Costa Rica caters to the needs of many foreign visitors who frequently take advantage of the better value and best professional medical care offered.

Cosmetic surgery plus dental and optical care are very affordable and are in particularly high demand. Insurance is also available locally and a lot of U.S. insurance covers situations for limited periods in overseas health systems. It’s not uncommon to receive the same dental procedure in Costa Rica for around $10,000 that would cost over $50,000 in the USA.

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