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The establishment of Costa Rican Estates is a continuing part of traditional development work by the Schakel family of Fort Collins, Colorado. Karl Schakel, Sr. and sons developed a high end, quality community north of Fort Collins over the past 12 years in one of the nation’s fastest growing, high quality communities, current population 148,000. In addition, the Schakel family has been involved in international investments and projects of a diverse nature for 35 years, most especially in Latin America, in more than 10 countries. Karl G. Schakel, registered professional engineer, has more than 20 years of experience in diverse international projects including industrial construction and agriculture, as well as building homes in the Fort Collins area. He and other Central American associates are bringing the Costa Rican Estates opportunity to you under professional management with a strict eye on top quality control and development standards.

You may visit the Fort Collins, Colorado development before or after you visit the Costa Rica property. The Schakel family is also heavily invested in Heritage Health Products Company of Fort Collins, a supplier of vitamins and herbal nutrients. See

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