has released its list of top places in the world to retire and it should come as no surprise that once again Costa Rica finds itself in the top 5 places in the world to retire. In what has become a growing trend Central America holds 4 of the top 5 places, with Ecuador, Panama, and Mexico taking the top 3 spots on the list.


Quality of Living

One of the reasons Cost Rica has been able to stay in the top 5 for as many years as it has it the quality of living Costa Rica offers expats from all over the world. With such a friendly local community and so many expats living in such a relatively small community there are many groups, organizations and more importantly like minded people to make the transition and long term quality of life.

Health care

Costa Rica offers its residents and expats that have become resident’s access to free public healthcare as well as having a wide choices of private facilities and hospitals. Costa Rica has become a hotspot for medical tourism which has lead to an influx in high quality facilities and doctors in both the central valley and coats regions.

Outdoor Living

Some areas of Costa Rica are known to get 350+ days of sunshine each year. Let’s just say that is a bit easier to stay outside when it is always beautiful. Costa Rica is also considered the most bio-diverse country in the world making it the perfect place to spent time at the beach, the cloud forest, or one of the countries many active volcano’s. And don’t forget the wild life.

think it is easy for most people to understand why Costa Rica would rank so high on the list of top places to retire in theory but it is only by making the leap that you will ever really know what it is like to retire in paradise.

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